General terms and condition of sale

Vino Veritas
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37000 TOURS
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Please read these Terms carefully before using the Site or purchasing products from us and print and keep a copy of them for your reference.
We may change the content of the Site from time to time, including the terms of use. By using the Site you agree that you have read, understood and accept these Terms (as amended from time to time). If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, you may not use or access these Sites or place an order with us.
In these Terms, references to “we” or “us” are to VinoVeritas an independent company registered in France whose registered office is at 4 Rue Paul Reboux, 37000 Tours, France.

1. General terms

All trademarks, logos, graphics, images, photographs, animation, videos, text and software used on this site are the intellectual property of Webalchemie. You may display or reproduce such content insofar as necessary to view it within our site for private, genuine non-commercial use. You may not otherwise retrieve, display, modify, copy, print, sell, download, hire or reverse engineer (unless permitted by applicable law) such content without our prior written consent.

2. TERMS applicable to orders.

2.1 acceptance of these terms and conditions

By filling out an online order form and confirming this order by clicking on the “confirm order” button, effectively means you fully accept all of our Terms and Conditions.

2.2 Order confirmation

The VinoVeritas internet site offers a sales proposal at all times, which is not legally considered as a permanent. Therefore a sale will only be valid post VinoVeritas confirmation.
Orders are accepted by VinoVeritas only after payment is validated, as mentioned in point

2.3 of these general terms and conditions.

Refusal or confirmation of orders will be given within a 24 hour delay after an order has been placed.
VinoVeritas withholds the right not to accept payment, and therefore not to confirm an order, for whatever reason. An explanation will always be provided.

2.3.1 Our responsibility to you
1. On reception of an order, VinoVeritas is committed to delivering you the purchased items.
2. With regards to this, VinoVeritas is committed to organising delivery with the transport company previously designated by VinoVeritas within a delay of 7 working days after an order has been placed.
3. You must give us a reasonable opportunity to remedy any matter for which we are liable before you incur any costs remedying the matter yourself.
4. We are not responsible for any loss or damage where:
There is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to you by us or by any of our employees or agents;
Such loss or damage was not reasonably foreseeable by both parties;
Such loss or damage is caused by you, for example by not complying with this agreement; or
Such loss or damage relates to a business.
2.3.2 Your responsibility to us
1. You will be responsible to us for any loss or damage we suffer arising from your breach of this agreement.
2. The customer is required to give a full detailed, valid address to which the goods will be delivered.
3. On confirming an order, the customer is obligated to pay for the goods as well as shipping costs, as well as any duty, VAT or other taxes (that are subject to change depending on the laws of the country of destination). Total cost of the above is indicated prior to confirming an order.

2.4.1. Prices and billing
The price indicated prior to confirmation of an order is the definitive price. The total cost price includes the price of the wine as well as handling, shipping and conditioning.
All our wines are priced in EUROS as is shipping. If you are purchasing from outside the Eurozone, the total cost will calculated in the currency of the country you are purchasing from prior to confirming your order. International exchange rates may vary throughout the year, this may increase or decrease the price of wines and shipment (in your local currency).
Orders can be paid for via credit cards, Visa, MasterCard or international bank transfer.  We cannot accept cheques or American Express cards.
A billing receipt is possible, either via email or postal services.  
2.4.2 Shipping, delivery and delivery delays.
Orders are shipped to the address provided by the customer during the online purchasing procedure. Orders will be processed and passed on to the shipping companies within a maximum of 7 working days. Orders will only count as confirmed after confirmation of payment.
What if I want to make more than one purchase?
We recommend grouping all items desired into one singular order, as the cost of shipment per bottle can decrease the more bottles are purchased. Once orders are confirmed, it is not possible to group them together with previous or future orders.
Minimum quantities
The number of bottles per case is 6 bottles. A minimum of 1 case is required in order for a shipment to be processed.
How long will shipping take?
We try to provide you with an accurate estimation of how long you will need to wait for your purchase. The time required for shipments to arrive depend on the following factors:
The total distance to your address.
Whether or not the wine is in stock - Given the popularity of certain wines, it is not uncommon for a wine to be out of stock, which means we will need to reorder from our suppliers. As a result, some orders may take 3-7 days to fulfil. Major suppliers delivery twice a week but some smaller suppliers will only deliver fortnightly and this may delay an order.
According to dispatch days of the shipping company.
As previously mentioned shipping companies issue a tracking number for packages, and you will be sent a link in order to check on the movement of your package.
VinoVeritas is not responsible for any prolonged delays of packages.
Neither VinoVeritas nor the shipping company can be held responsible for any damage to packages which occurs whilst the package is detained at your local post office (or other structure). The shipping company always leaves details of how to collect your package if you are not available on arrival.

2.4.3. Transfer of risk
Transfer of risk occurs as soon as VinoVeritas confines your purchase to the shipping company. Therefore, packages are sent at your own risk.

2.4.4. Hesitations when receiving products, recourse, limitations of terms and conditions of sale
A package may be refused if it does not match the order made or if the conditioning is badly damaged. These reservations must be communicated in writing, alongside the courier within a 12 hour delay. A copy of this must also be sent to VinoVeritas via postal services or email within 12 hours. It is also the customers’ responsibility to send the transporters confirmation of this non-acceptance as proof.  

2.4.5. Our guarantee
VinoVeritas guarantees that all our French wines are produced in France. All steps are taken in order to guarantee that wines conform to the description of them given on the website, on the date of purchase. VinoVeritas also guarantees that they are passed on the shipping company in perfect condition. These are the only guarantees provided, all other guarantees, be it expressed or tacit are not accepted. We take care in choosing what we feel are the best wines available, however we cannot guarantee that the wines you order meet your specific taste or standards.

2.4.6. Responsibility and limits of responsibility

Only you, the customer, is responsible for the choice of wine made whilst completing an order, how the wines are stocked once delivered and how the wines are consumed. VinoVeritas is not responsible for any disregard to legal requirements or law of the country where the wine is shipped to. We are only responsible to conform to any rules and regulations concerning wine currently in vigour in France.

3 Invalidity, force majeure, applicable law, relevant tribunals

If any of these present general terms and conditions are declared un-applicable or invalid for whatever reason, this will not affect the validity of any of the remaining terms or conditions, and will be replaced by a term and condition that is as closest to the original as legally possible.  
Neither VinoVeritas nor the customer can be held responsible for an act of Force Majeure during processing and execution of a shipment, including: acts of war, rioting, insurrection, interruption of transportation, problems concerning import and export laws, union and non-union led strikes, lock-outs, shortfall, fire, flooding, earthquakes, and climatic conditions.  
These terms and conditions are controlled by French law. Disputes will be handled by the Paris tribunals, in conformity with European law.