Soirée dégustation vinPrivate wine tastings

Are you looking to organise a wine tasting somewhere or even at home? Vinoveritas can come and do it for you. We have years of experience in organising and animating wine tastings for various occasions, professional and private.

Vinoveritas can organise themed wine evenings, focusing on one single wine theme, such as grape type or wine region. We can arrange evenings designed to improve your wine-knowledge and wine tasting. We can even put in place wine-themed games, concentrated around how our taste-buds work.

If you’re on holiday in France, we can help you improve your wine knowledge in the region you’re staying in. If you are travelling to the Loire valley we can do a tasting for you at one of our producers vineyards.

Although we are situated in France, it is possible we can travel to London or Dublin. We can help with your team-building weekends, or prepare a tasting after important meetings.

For whatever questions on wine-themed occasions you may have, please write to us via email at